Our Pasture Raised Egg Uncovered


Pasture-Raised Eggs

We raise our hens on pasture where they can roam and scratch for bugs. We custom blend the grains they eat so there are no fillers, hormones or antibiotics in the feed. The hens produce a healthy egg. The rich flavor with a dark orange yolk is delivered within a day or two of being laid. The egg shells are the fun part. We get an assortment of brown and blue-green shelled eggs. If you look closely at the hens “ears” (yes you can see their ears) the color will let you know if the shell will be a brown or white egg. There is fresh water, nesting beds and a roost that make “the girls” feel at home. We rotate the pastures the hens are on so they are always on fresh grass. We fence off the areas to keep the hens safe from our local predators.

The pasture is an Omega-3 Chicken Forage Blend. “Omega-3 fatty acids are an important component of a healthy diet. One way to get this substance in our food is to eat eggs from chickens raised on a diet that promotes the formation of Omega-3’s right in the egg. This blend is planted for chicken forage to achieve this high Omega-3 result. A University study shows that there is almost 6 times the Omega-3 fatty acids in an “Omega” egg versus a conventional egg!” Forage blend from Peaceful Valley, sustainable agriculture supplies.

Helpful tips and information

How long will eggs keep?
Eggs purchased from a refrigerated case can be refrigerated in their original carton for at least 4-5 weeks. Eggs deteriorate more in one day at room temperature than during one week in the refrigerator. Source: California Egg Commission.

When you buy our eggs we provide the dates as shown:
Laid on 4/10/11
Use by 5/10/11

What is the difference between eggs from pasture raised hens and commercial eggs?
**Articles from Mother Earth News: www.motherearthnews.com/eggs.aspx

“Our testing has found that, compared to official U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrient data for commercial eggs, eggs from hens raised on pasture may contain:

1/3 less cholesterol
1/4 less saturated fat
2/3 more vitamin A
2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
3 times more vitamin E
7 times more beta carotene
Go to the site to see the whole article.
**Fun article about “grass-fed eggs”

How to hard boil and peel FRESH eggs.
Ever have trouble getting the shell to come off after hard-boiling? Most eggs people get on the shelves in their local store are weeks old. This is good for hard-boiling eggs, but I prefer my eggs as fresh as possible. The reason older eggs are easier to hard-boil is because as the egg ages, it shrinks and gets pulled away from the shell leaving an air pocket. So I started looking for different ways to hard-boil.


Anyone who has a consistent method for hard-boiling farm fresh eggs that peel easily send me the details and I will gladly make you the hard-boiled king or queen.

What is that white thing in the egg?
This is called chalazae. Chalazae are stands of egg white that anchor the yolk in place in the center of the thick white. They are neither imperfections nor beginning embryos. The more prominent the chalazae, the FRESHER the egg. Chalazae do not interfere with the cooking or beating of the white and need not be removed, although some cooks like to strain them from stirred custard.


HI – I just wanted to thank you for providing these beautiful eggs, and for the sustainable way you raise your chickens. We’re lucky to have you in the Bay Area! When will the farm tours start? Thank you! Gabriella

Found your eggs yesterday at WF in Walnut Creek. Just fried a couple for breakfast. Wow.
They are delicious. Taste different. The yolks seem much more substantial. Such a happy surprise to
find these at WF. Keep up the good work.
Best Regards, K.S.

Tasty And Healthy Eggs